About UCUES 

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is an online survey distributed to undergraduate students during even-numbered years to assess how they are experiencing life at a UC. 

UCR uses UCUES results to gauge the effectiveness of student services, the quality of our campus climate and an overall sense of how our undergraduate students feel about life at UCR. It helps us improve the undergraduate experience for both current and future UCR students. It also helps the UC system improve the undergraduate experience for all UC students.

UCUES asks about:

  • Students’ opinions on instruction, advising, student services, etc.
  • Students’ academic engagement, time management, campus climate experience, civic engagement and more.
  • Students' self-perceptions, goals, political beliefs and opinions about the role of a research university.
  • Demographic information about students including self-reported language background, family immigration experience and social class. 

Most importantly, it informs UC campuses about what they’re doing well and where they could improve. You can see a comprehensive description of the structure, content and administration of UCUES on the UC Office of the President’s UCUES website.



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